ANBU Gaming – Shop Launch

ANBU Gaming – Shop Launch

We at YLDR are proud to present ANBU Gaming Esportswear’s brand new shop filled with cool products and more to come, check it out here!

ANBU gaming is an esports organisation currently based in Southeast Asia with a vision of bringing fair and leading competition from the SEA, to leading esports franchises established in Europe and North America. We’re excited for the future that will have YLDR working alongside us, and hope the best for this partnership.

Neil Jeremiah Sugara, CEO of ANBU Gaming, says a few words about the cooperation and his excitement.

-We’re really excited to announce our partnership with YLDR. Now that we don’t need to worry about spending more funding for warehousing and shipping as YLDR handles it all from the online orders. Order your ANBU jersey now!

YLDR’s CEO, Robin Backström, is happy about the partnership and to open up and support organisations all the way out to Southeast Asia.

-We are excited to work with ANBU Gaming, being one of our first Eastern Asia partners. ANBU is a fairly new organisation but has the right people behind it and we believe they are here to stay. This is one of many steps into supporting organisations across Asia.

Let’s get wilder, together!

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