YaLLa Esports – Shop Opening

YaLLa Esports – Shop Opening

YLDR is very proud to present YaLLa Esportswear’s brand new shop with amazing products and more to come, check it out here!

YaLLa Esports is the leading esports organization in the Middle East and North Africa with the vision of pioneering the regional esports scene by nurturing local talent to become a major player in the global esports ecosystem.

Klaus Kajetski, Founder of YaLLa Esports, is happy with the new cooperation.

-We at YaLLa Esports are very pleased to have found a supplier like YLDR for all our merchandise solutions. We don’t need to worry about logistics or warehousing as YLDR takes care of everything from production to shipping on a global scale. Personally I prefer working with smaller companies that truly value YaLLa Esports as a customer and a mutually beneficial partnership gives room for both to grow!

YLDR’s CEO, Robin Backström, is excited about the partnership and the launch of the shop.

-We are very happy that YaLLa Esports have entrusted us with the task of running their teamwear and merchandise. They have been very fast growing and have definitely made a name for themselves, so we look forward to being a part of their growth.
This is one important step in our journey to become a true international competitor offering teams worldwide to enhance their teamwear and merch.

Let’s get wilder, together!

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